"Living in the Dreaming Body"... First Entry/First Night

As the Sun sets in LA for the last time in 2012, I am writing this, as a ending and as a beginning. As a closure and as a opening. Good Bye to the Old...Hello to the New. The cycles of life, death , rebirth. repeat, until ones death.  At least...

The Mayans were right. Time is a cycle, like the seasons repeating onwards, never stopping, always moving. Like a never ending dance, at a all night party. But time marches on as well. One day the Sun itself will explode into a glorious light show beyond our wildest imagination, only to implode back into the void, taking the Earth and all the other planets in our solar system with it.  And so it goes.

But I am getting ahead of myself. What does this have to do with a blog about my artistic musings and tales? And why, pray tell, does this have to do with you?  Everything I believe. My humble writings will be about the intersection of art, mythology and pop culture. In other words, it has to do with you, and I, the relationship between our creative human side, the cosmos and the divine. Hence my blog's title "Living in the Dreaming Body."

Before you think this is going to be a (mostly) pretentious blog on esoteric theories and contemplations, let me share my background.  I was born in Brooklyn, a child of the 60's. teen of the 70's, a traveler in underground cultures in the 80's a director of ritual theater in he 90's, and a instigator of ecstatic hybrid parties/shamanic rituals/interactive experiences in the '00's. Now I am being reborn in the City of Angels as a writer/director of film projects. I grew up with Rock, Disco, Punk, Hip Hop, Club music of all types, Kung-Fu films, Star Wars, greasy pizza, Performance Art, both high, and very low brow. I was a NYC kid with a insatiable appetite for the new, the WOW, the stupid and the now! Being immersed in the dirty filthy decadent NYC, back in the day, was a blessing.

I became fascinated by story telling of all sorts.  I used to write myself into all kinds of heroic fantasies, anything to get myself inside the films and the music I engulfed, and absorbed as a kid.  Like many others I was introduced to the works of Joseph Campbell, through the TV series "The Power of Myth."  Then there was no turning back.  I saw the connections between story, myth, pop culture and humanity at the crossroads of the end times of the industrial age, entering the informational, and post every-thing-age.  What I have have experienced as a creator, as well as an observer of art and story, is that Myths are what bind us as humans. The power of myths are that they are the bridge between our animal, and our god like natures.

This is the ground for this Living in the Dreaming Body. I will meander, explore, wonder and travel down roads known and hopefully unknown. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.


Happy New Year...

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