"Two  young lovers in a mythic tale of sex drugs & rock and roll, journey in NYC. From heaven to hell & back."

Electric Visions is the story of Alex, an up and coming rock star, and Alice, a small town girl who comes to NYC to follow her dream of being a great painter. They meet, fall in love, create works of genius and have an adventure that will force them to face madness, death, and redemption/resurrection. This takes place in the creative underground art and music scenes of NYC. Interwoven in the story are elements of the myths of Dionysus and Persephone. New York is the backdrop of an underworld journey from heaven to hell, and back. Electric Visions is a love story, a coming of age tale, a hero/heroines journey and an homage to the Big Apple.

"Electric Visions…The Easy Rider for the Burning Man generation."