Mark Sklawer is a multi-disciplinary artist and director. His work has been praised by Newsweek, The Village Voice, Time Out, and the Daily News. The Village Voice says Sklawer is the maker of "Ecstatic Extravaganza." Time Out says his work "will catapult you into a cosmic odyssey." And the New York Daily News says his creations are "the wave of the future."

Mark Sklawer has been exploring the connection between popular culture, and mythology all of his creative life. He is a musician, producer, director, visual artist, and visionary. Growing up with rock and electronic music, mythic and popular culture led Mark to pursue studying and working as a professional photographer, musician, as well as in the performing arts. He has also trained in disciplines such as meditation, shamanism, body/mind practices, martial arts, and ecstatic drum and dance rituals. This has led Mark to create for over ten years, ritual theatrical dance events, culminating in the vision of Body Temple.

        “I realized that all culture is rooted in the ancestors singing and dancing their stories around the fire.
                         The only difference today is the technology of expression and the access to global information.”

Currently, Mark Sklawer is in development stage for two feature film. Electric Visions is an urban musical fantasy about “Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll and Magic”. Einstein, Michael Jackson and Me is a documentary based on the most successful PR person in music history, Howard Bloom.